Thursday, July 9, 2009

I feel stupid

I'm working on an alternative certification program to become certified as a teacher in the state of Texas - specifically high school math. As part of my certification, I have to take a content exam to prove I can teach math; so, I've been brushing up on my math knowledge.

My degree is in math; but, it's been many many moons since I've worked with polynomials or factored a quadratic equation. Dang! That stuff's hard! And I haven't even looked at pre-calc or calculus yet.

I'm allowed to use a calculator in the exam; so, I bought a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition (which is on the 'approved' list). I was intrigued by the TI-Nspire CAS; however, I settled on the TI-84 because it's very similar to the TI-83 which is the defacto standard for high schools around these parts. Learning all of the ins and outs of the TI-84 is proving to be just as daunting as refreshing my math knowledge.

Right now, I've feeling very stupid.

But, I'm going to persevere.

Maybe I should get the pink faceplate for my TI-84


Frank Lee Scarlet said...

Great for you! You may feel stupid now, but in a short while, hopefully you'll be at the front of a classroom making high school students like me feel stupid. :-)

Sean said...

I know you can do it! :D

Anonymous said...

Don't feel too stupid, Abe. What we don't use every day, we lose. You will get back to full form with solving and factoring quadratic equations and completing the square, etc. And, the TI 84 is a nice little tool. You will get used to it and then you will be amazed by all it can help you with. I think it is amazing that calculators now a day do fractions. I remember thinking 15 years ago that the day someone created a calculator that would do fraciton, that would be the day that a LOT of people would be doing the happy dance. Me, myself, love fractions, but so many do not get them. Good luck with your alternate licensing program. The world can always use more good math teachers! Take care.

Bror said...

I must do the same. I am sure I will feel stupid too. I say go for the pink faceplate and have at it.

Sarah said...

Feel free to call me if you have any questions. ;) Seriously. I am just a facebook message away to a phone number...

I have a translucent purple cover for my TI-83+, and I love it. I'm not yet brave enough to get and learn how to use a TI-84. Good luck!