Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our man Matthew Mitcham

Our man Matthew Mitcham won the gold medal for the 10m platform diving in the Beijing 2008 Olympics.
The 20-year-old Sydney diver produced the highest scoring dive in the history of the Olympics with his sixth and final effort to become Australia's first male Olympic gold medallist in diving since Dick Eve in 1924.
Matthew Mitcham is the first Australian to go to the Olympic Games openly gay at the time of his competition; and, he is the only openly gay man competing at the Beijing 2008 Olympics.


Marlo said...

I knew nothing of this dude before today and you know as I was watching that competition when they showed him after his dives, I thought, he so must be gay. Thanks for the verification! :D

Beck said...

I noted the same thing. After he won, it was so fun to see the hugs and kisses flowing around him! I loved it.

And he's way cute, too.

Kengo Biddles said...

Those crazy Aussis all look alike--they've all got very similar features. But yeah, he's pinging my gaydar just by looking at his picture.