Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today we had about 8 families visit our ward - Louisiana refugees fleeing Hurricane Gustav. Our bishop encouraged us to open our homes; and, the response was so overwhelming that they held a sort of lottery to see who was able to invite a family over for Sunday dinner. I was one of the lucky winners :) It was a young couple with a 6 month old baby. It seems their company brought their families to the Dallas/Fort Worth area and is putting them up in area hotels. The husbands will continue working, albeit remotely.

It was just my son and I since my wife is in California with my daughter - who gave birth to my newest granddaughter on Wednesday (mother and daughter are doing fine). We scrapped our dinner plans and I found some pork chops in the freezer which I thawed and threw on the grill. In talking with them, turns out, the husband is friends with one of my sons former mission companions - OK, every sing with me now "it's a small world after all ..."

Anyway, it was fun. Our local newspaper said that they are expecting as many as 45,000 refugees from Louisiana in just the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We're far enough North that Gustav will have little effect on us - other than bringing in a lot of warm humid air up from the gulf and chance of rain on Wednesday.

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MohoInTx said...

During Katrina, we had a lot of people stay in San Angelo. I know the air force base there has been evacuated, and they were moved to Goodfellow, here in San Angelo.

I imagine that is going to be hectic for the eastern side of Texas though. I heard that during Katrina, they made I-35 one way only. ugh :(