Thursday, May 10, 2007

Abelard Enigma

After reviewing the comments I received in my previous post, I have decided to keep Abelard as my new blog persona, at least until I decide I need a new persona.

Although, I hardly feel worthy of such a noble moniker. Abelard was a great philosopher, and I am just a lowly dunderhead. Abelard was a passionate lover, and I am still just a lowly dunderhead. Abelard was castrated, and I'm --- not.

BTW, does anyone know how you're supposed to pronounce Abelard? I've been using A-beh-lard, but maybe it's supposed to be a -BEE-lard or Abe-lard or ???


Foxx said...

I would pronounce it like apple-ard, except replacing the p's for b's.

Not sure, officially.

Scot said...

It’s a fine name and all… but I think I’d at least consider dropping the ‘lard'. Abe is a fine nickname. :-)

Abelard Enigma said...

Then people might think I got the name from Abe Lincoln. Then they might start associating me with the Log Cabin Republicans. Wait, I am a right winged capitalistic pig, but then lard comes from pigs, hmmmm

Kengo Biddles said...

I think Foxx's pronunciation and your first way of saying it are essentially the same, and that's how I would say it.