Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the gay christian network

When I first got involved in the Mormon Queerosphere, I started to wonder if other religions had their own gay niches with a presence on the internet. Is there a Baptist Queerosphere, a Catholic Queerosphere? ...

Over the last few months, I've found a few sites with gay people from other religions (some of which I link to on the right hand side of my blog). There is one in particular that I would like to highlight.

the gay christian network

The thing that attracted me to this site is their SideA/SideB distinction. SideA are "those who are in gay relationships or hope to be someday." SideB are "those who view their same-sex attractions as a temptation, and strive to live celibate lives." Yet, these two diverse views, for the most part, co-exist peacefully together.

I believe that is what we have in our little corner of the Queerosphere. We have those who strive to avoid homosexual relationships (whom we call MoHo's); and, we have those who are comfortable in their decision to pursue homosexual relationships (I don't think we come up with a universally accepted term for yet). And, for the most part, we respect each others opinions and peacefully co-exist. So, I thought those in the Mormon Queerosphere might see common ground in the discussions on the gay christian network.

As you might expect, the number of SideA'ers outnumbers the SideB'ers. Also, to be able to view "the side b forum" message board, you have to formally join GCN and request access (although, you don't have to be SideB in your views, you just have to respect the views of the SideB'ers). There is also a "mixed-orientation marriages" message board that was created just last week (not a lot of activity on it yet).

There are some interesting discussions going on over in the GCN. If nothing else, it might provide you with some ideas for topics you might want to blog about.

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playasinmar said...

"moho" works for both groups.