Tuesday, April 3, 2007

First waterlily

I have a couple of water gardens (ponds) in my back yard. Today, two water lilies bloomed - the first blooms of the season. A pink one (shown in the picture) and a white one.

I always get excited when my water lilies bloom. For me, it marks the end of the gloomy winter months. It makes my spirits rise.

I love spring and summer. I'm not so big on fall and winter. I even love Texas summers when it gets to 100 degrees or more. Water lilies love lots of sun - we have lots of sun here in Texas. And the best part? They never have to be watered :-)


Beck said...

No waterlilies here, but plenty of tree blossoms, daffodils, and tulips are just beginning to pop up out of the ground.

When you're done working in your yard, come over to my place... there's plenty to do all season and not enough time.

Mormon Enigma said...

Our daffodils and tulips are just about finished blooming. Although, tulips don't do too well here - the ground doesn't get cold enough. They will grow well the first year, but it is hit and miss if they will come up in subsequent years.

I hear you about not having enough time. I get kind of depressed when I go into my back yard and see how many weeds are popping up all over the place (they seem especially bad this year for some reason). There just isn't any time to get out there to work. I was able to get out and work a bit Monday evening, but I had a stake meeting last night & Mutual tonight. Maybe tomorrow evening.

Loyalist (with defects) said...

my favorite floweres here in the desert are first the orange blossoms. they are so lovely smelling. second - the spring flower. usually yellow or orange with some variation inbetween. it is just a welcome releaf from the nasty brunt brown look of this desert.

i so much miss the tulips and daffodils of my home. oh, hum...