Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

I'm not normally a superstitious person. But, I'm having a really bad day today - and it's Friday the 13th.

  • I had planned on taking today off as a vacation day, but some things came up at work so I had to cancel my vacation day.
  • I shut down our home computer last night. This morning it would not boot. (it was working fine last night).
  • I think I'm coming down with a cold and I feel crappy.


Update: Well, it turns out the day didn't end as bad as it began.
  • I was able to finish up some things at work and start my vacation day at 2:30pm. That only gave me a couple of extra hours - but I'll take what I can get.
  • After thinking about it and researching a couple of things. I determined that the power supply in my computer was the culprit. I looked in the Fry's ad and, lo and behold, they had a 500 watt power supply on sale with a $50 instant rebate. So, I drove to Fry's and bought a new power supply and then installed it this evening. Now we are back up and running. Good thing since we still need to finish our taxes.
  • I'm thinking it was allergy symptoms I was having this morning rather than cold symptoms. It rained this evening and now I'm feeling better
And, as an added bonus, to make up for a lousy morning
  • We tried a new restaurant that opened up nearby and we really liked it. It is a Mexican restaurant that has authentic Mexican cuisine, not the TexMex that we normally get in these parts. I like TexMex, but it's nice to get the real stuff once in a while too. We could tell it must be good since we were the only gringos in the place.
  • Star Gate season starts tonight!


Kengo Biddles said...

Yup, it is coincidence, because I'm having a great birthday, despite the "curse" on the day.

salad said...

hey! I was born on friday the's not as unlucky as you're making it out to be. maybe you should go eat some chocolate and/or ice cream. those are always great solutions to a crappy day ;)

Mormon Enigma said...

Well, don't you know, when you are born on the 13th then it becomes your lucky day. Heloise (my wife) was also born on the 13th, and she is having a great day today.

It's the rest of us poor saps that have to suffer :-(

Mormon Enigma said...

...maybe you should go eat some chocolate

... and, my daughter had some friends over the other evening to play games - and they ate all of the left over chocolate from Easter. Grrrrr

Beck said...

It is no coincidence! Don't let them fool you! The world is out to get you and you know it! :)

salad said...

sad that they ate all the chocolate. if you didn't live so far away i would bring you chocolate, but it's not the 13th anymore, so i'm sure your day has improved ;)