Thursday, April 5, 2007

When nature calls

I work for a large computer company that makes everything from Itty-Bitty Machines to Incredibly Big Machines. A couple of years ago I was reclassified as a work@home employee as a cost cutting measure since all of the people I work with are geographically dispersed (in fact, only a few are in the US).

Being a work@home employee, much of my work day is spent sitting at home emailing and on the phone in teleconferences. fortunately, I have a headset and a cordless phone which affords me a certain degree of mobility.

Yesterday, a meeting was going particularly long. Nature was calling and I decided that I couldn't wait any longer. So, I took my phone into the bathroom to heed the call of nature.

This isn't the first time this has happened to me. My biggest fear is that, one day, I'll forget to press the Mute button. Or that someone will ask me a question, or say something that I have to respond to at an inopportune moment. That would be so embarassing


drex said...

LOL. I do the whole headset thing at work, but not on my cell phone. I make liberal use of the mute button, though, especially when I'm sick. I can completely imagine going to the bathroom and forgetting to mute it. That would be simultaneously the most hilarious and most embarassing thing that could ever possibly happen in that sort of situation.

Beck said...

Having a home office, I use the mute all the time, particularly on long government conference calls... it gives you all the freedom you need to go tinkle down the hall... and no one ever knows!