Friday, February 16, 2007

Peanut Butter

We're all gunna die!!!

Heard the news on the Radio about Peter Pan peanut butter being recalled because of possible Salmonella poisening.

Went and checked our pantry; and sure enough, we have a big ol jar of Peter Pan peanut butter. Checked the batch number and it starts with 2111 (gasp!)

The thing is, we've had this jar of peanut butter, it seems, forever. Now that the kids are grown, we just don't go through Peanut Butter like we used to. And this is a big jar - 54 oz. (3½ lbs). Plus, we've already eaten, at least, 2/3's of it - and we haven't died yet, not even a little queasiness.

So, do we throw this jar of Peanut Butter out? Or do we just continue eating it until it's gone? According to the news reports, we can save the lid and get reimbursed for the cost of the jar. But, is that the honest thing to do since we've already eaten most of it?

Maybe I should just go downstairs and make myself a Peanut Butter & Raw Pork sandwich.


Scot said...

"Maybe I should just go downstairs and make myself a Peanut Butter & Raw Pork sandwich. "

You know what would be good with that? Spinach.

Mormon Enigma said...

Ummmm, maybe dip it in raw egg too

-L- said...

You would think having gone to med school would make me more sanitation conscious... and it has in terms of patient contact. But now I hear reports of salmonella, and I think, "Salmonella isn't that bad. Pass the peanut butter!"

Thrasius said...

hmm, i think you should toss it

Samantha said...

I have three jars--one is half-full. I'd like to be able to joke about it...I'm too anal.

Thanks for the perspective. It doesn't help. I keep throwing the jars out, Darrin keeps rescuing them.