Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Heading to California

My wife and I talked a bit yesterday about "the bombshell" (as she affectionally calls it). We haven't talked about it much in the last week or so. She said she is doing OK. She said that one thing she doesn't understand is me looking at cute guys because she doesn't look at cute guys. I reminded her that men and women are different and then asked "do you think straight guys don't look at cute girls?" She then replied "I guess you're right". Then she added "but, if I were to look at a cute guy, it occurs to me that you might be checking out the same guy" and then started laughing. I guess this means we're making progress when she can laugh about it. Although, I will have to admit that it caught me off guard so that I only muttered something to the effect of "I guess so."

Tomorrow (Thursday) my wife and I are flying out to California for the blessing of our new granddaughter on Sunday. This will be my first time seeing my granddaughter in person (second time for my wife since she was there for the birth). Although, thanks to modern technology, I've been able to see lots of pictures of her. As an aside, my son at BYU-Idaho has discovered that sitting at a computer in the school library looking at pictures of his baby niece is a great way to pick up chicks.

We will return to Texas on Tuesday, March 6th. I don't know how much computer access I'll have while we are gone. So, I probably won't be blogging during my absence. In fact, even if I have access to a computer, I doubt I'll be checking my blog because I don't want to leave breadcrumbs to my blog on my daughters computer. That would be very awkward if she and/or her husband were to discover my blog.

"Confessions of a Mormon Boy" is playing in West Hollywood which I would kind of like to see. It's a bit frustrating since I'll be right there (my daughter and her husband only live about 10 miles from West Hollywood). But, I'll have to pass - this trip is about my granddaughter and her parents, not me. I'll just have to wait until if/when it comes to Texas.

As a closing thought, let me quote some lines from the play "My Turn on Earth"
Satan: Let me take care of you. If you follow me, I promise that not one soul will be lost. Why, that man over there will lead you into dangerous paths. He's a warmonger. I tell you that if you follow him, there will be wars, there will be bloodshed, starvation, crime. The powerful will prey upon the weak. I promise you peace, happiness - all of you. I will see to it personally that you are all taken care of and returned here without difficulty. Follow me!

Jesus: I cannot promise you the same. It's true that if you follow me, there will be dangers, difficulties. Perhaps even wars and bloodshed. For you will be free to choose them if you wish. I cannot do everything for you. no one can - no one should. For the most precious gift we have been given, next to life itself, is the power to direct that life. We must have the opportunity to choose. And there must be the possibility of wrong choices. To discover the powers that are within us, and not look continually to someone else. To use our own free agency. This is growth - and growth must be!

From the gospel of Carol Lynn Pearson and Lex de Azevedo.

Later ...till next week


Loyalist (with defects) said...

Shortly after i told my wife she stated that it seems strange to think that when we are watching "Smallville" that nobody in our home is realy watching Lana Lang but we are both watching Clark Kent. Who by the way is very easy on the eyes.

I just try to not make it obvious.

Have a wonderful time in SoCal with your granddaughter and family.

Mormon Enigma said...

... but we are both watching Clark Kent. Who by the way is very easy on the eyes.

He certainly is - [slaps face] I didn't say that.

I just try to not make it obvious.

Agreed. But that is sometimes easier said than done.

Ammon said...

Have a safe flight and a wonderful time seeing your granddaghter. I have no idea how to help the "checking out the same guy" problem. My best friend and I have the same trouble though. Laughs are great for healing and compassion. U must be doing something right M.E. ;)
See ya soon, buddy.