Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I can't believe it, I'm getting SPAM on my blog. Just a few moments after I posted my last blog entry about organizing my spice cupboard, I received a comment inviting me to come make friends with sexy girls. It came so quickly that it was, obviously, an automated response. It appears that someone subscribed to my blog and has an agent to submit a comment every time a new blog entry is posted. But, I showed them, I deleted the comment! (actually, they probably don't care. They likely subscribe to 1000's of blogs and expect a goodly portion of their automated comments to be deleted)

Have these guys no shame? Here I am pouring out my heart on the challenges being Married, Mormon and Gay; and, he invites me to make friends with sexy girls. And, what is this guy thinking inviting a gay guy to make friends with sexy girls? Now, if it was sexy boys that would be a different matter (just kidding). I don't need sexy guys or gals. I just want someone to be my friend. My wife is my best friend; but, a man needs guy friends too. Someone I can get together with to go shopping (at Home Depot), do our nails (the kind you use with hammers), and that sort of guy stuff.

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Foxx said...

Heheh. Welcome to the blog world, my friend. Of all the unlikely things, my post on Maslow's heierarchy of needs has been getting all sorts of spam from hanjobs to shemale sex to you name it.

And if that friend position is still open, I'll volunteer. :)